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Tips for creating custody arrangements

 Posted on December 05,2022 in Family Law

When you had a child, you didn't envision a time when you would have to create a child custody arrangement with your spouse. However, life didn't go exactly as you expected. Now you're working with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to maintain the well-being of your child.

The problem is that people frequently don't know where to start when negotiating a child custody agreement. Here's what you should know:

Try to stay positive

It's often beneficial for a child if both parents work together to work out how they'll share custody. However, some children aren't so lucky. When determining a custody arrangement, it may be best to stay positive about the future and work alongside your co-parent.

Decide on who will have legal and physical custody

There are two kinds of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody focuses on a child's educational needs, dietary restrictions, religious upbringing and medical care. Physical custody is a parent's right to have parenting time with their child. Typically, both parents share legal and physical custody. However, parents can decide on – or ask the court to order – a different type of arrangement. For example, one parent might seek sole legal and/or physical custody.

Remember that a bad marriage doesn't make your spouse a bad parent

You and your spouse may have had a lot of difficulties during your marriage. However, even if you think they were a bad spouse, that doesn't necessarily mean they're a bad parent – even if you have different parenting methods.

When working on a child custody arrangement, it's best to know your legal options. That's why it's wise to have experienced guidance.

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