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Construction Law

Just like any skilled trade, protecting your legal rights during a construction project requires knowledge and skill that only experience can bring. The construction law attorneys at Salvado Law have the necessary experience and skills to protect you and your business. We provide legal services to the construction industry throughout Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. Our law firm assists a wide variety of clients from large companies to individuals, including subcontractors, general contractors, property owners, and developers. Salvado Law can assist with your construction project from concept through post-completion disputes, including drafting and negotiating construction contracts, performance disputes over change orders or differing site conditions, mechanics' liens, and bond claims.

Construction Claims

If you have not been paid what you are owed, the law provides you with powerful rights. But some of these rights are time-sensitive, and once they are gone, they are gone. At Salvado Law, we can quickly assess the status of your available remedies. If you have outstanding monies owed to you on a construction project, call us now for a quick analysis of your remedies. Likewise, we can quickly assess the validity of any claim against you. So, if you are facing a construction claim, call us. You may be entitled to an immediate discharge of the claim if the claim is defective. Claims for payment on construction projects are often protected by black-letter, statutory law. This means that even if you are the smallest subcontractor on a large commercial project, you have the protection of statutory law. You may even be able to affect the ownership of the property by filing a mechanics' lien or make a claim on the payment bond. The law even provides for the possible recovery of your attorneys' fees and interest.

Your statutory rights are very powerful, but enforcing them requires taking specific steps and providing information and certain details in a particular format within critical time constraints; otherwise, these powerful rights may be lost forever. The construction law attorneys at Salvado Law are ready to quickly assess any claim and advise you of your rights, whether to help enforce or discharge a lien or payment claim by:

  • Reviewing statutory requirements and deadlines for remedies
  • Advising clients of their rights and discussing available remedies when a construction lien is filed
  • Preparing and filing a mechanics' lien or bond claim to the relevant court or agency
  • Preparing and filing satisfaction notices to remove mechanics liens
  • Helping contractors and owners remove liens from properties
  • Obtaining lien bonds to guarantee payment of a mechanics' lien and secure its discharge
  • Engaging in construction lien foreclosure proceedings

Construction Contracts

The best time to begin defending against a construction dispute is before one begins. There is little better advantage than having a contract that adequately protects you, your business, and your property. Salvado Law can also help protect your rights before any dispute occurs by drafting or reviewing your construction contract and negotiating favorable terms. Our attorneys know the importance of a well-crafted contract and can help you understand the significant provisions of a construction contract, whether for a large commercial project or a one-time residential project, so that you enter the contract with a full understanding. No matter how big or small, we can help you protect your rights.

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