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About Salvado Law

Salvado Law was founded 25 years ago with a mission to provide results-driven representation and guidance to its clients. We have a track record of achieving this mission with the broad range of clients we serve throughout Virginia and Maryland; our areas of practice include personal injury, family law, traffic and motor vehicle accidents, criminal law, construction law, immigration, DUI/DWI, civil/business litigation, and protective and peace orders. We are known to offer quality legal advice with tailored service to deliver results to our clients. Each member of our legal team is highly specialized and experienced in their respective areas. To ensure we best serve our clients, furthermore, we offer bilingual services in English and Spanish.

Our Attorneys

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The Salvado Law Approach

We understand that dealing with legal concerns can be exhausting and overwhelming. That is why we are here to help you! Our firm's objective is simple: We want to provide our clients with expert representation and help them navigate the legal system in order to get the best results possible, regardless of their situation.

We at Salvado Law have decades of experience in providing representation throughout various areas of the law, from personal injury to criminal law. We work hard on every case, and we always go above and beyond to evaluate every means possible to achieve our clients' goals. Whether you're dealing with simple traffic infractions, murder charges, domestic-violence hearings, or full-blown divorce and custody trials, we know that the stakes are high, so we make sure to bring the energy and enthusiasm that our bilingual attorneys are known for – when assessing and resolving any language barriers that can be intimidating to those seeking legal help – to every case we handle. When you work with our firm, you can rest assured that you will receive the care and attention you deserve.

Proudly serving the legal needs of those in northern Virginia, Baltimore and the D.C. metro.

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