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Comprehensive Family Law Representation

Family law issues are always stressful and difficult. Managing them effectively is a challenge. Finding a lawyer who understands these facts is the first step to taking back control.

At Salvado Law, we have provided hope and guidance for countless families facing complicated legal situations. We will work to devise an effective plan of action that will defend your rights and best meet the needs of you and your family. Our family law attorneys are ready to assist you in issues such as:


While the breaking up of a family is always devastating, it can sometimes be an unfortunate necessity to protect everyone's best interests. We will make a careful assessment of your case, looking at all the pertinent factors such as a separation agreement, child custody or asset distribution to ensure favorable results for all.


In any child custody hearing, each parent has certain rights and obligations regarding the custody of any children. Known as "mothers' rights" and "fathers' rights," these rights can include everything from being able to interact with a child or children during specified times to obtaining an injunction to prevent the mother/father from taking the child out of state. Our child custody lawyers have the knowledge and skills to effectively protect your custody rights.

Child Support

Children have a right to receive support from both of their parents. Whether you are divorced, separated or never married, Salvado Law will work to ensure that you have the financial, medical and emotional support you need to make sure your children can thrive.

Marital Property

A major factor in any divorce is the equitable division of marital property. This may include real estate, bank accounts, cars, investments or other assets that were acquired after the marriage. Our family court lawyers are intimately familiar with the state laws regarding marital property, so you can count on us to untangle the complexities and help you get your fair share.

Prenuptial Agreements And Postnuptial Agreements

If you want to protect your assets with a prenuptial agreement or need help resolving marital issues with a postnuptial agreement, our family law attorneys are prepared to help. We can also protect your rights should the marriage dissolve by diving deep into the minutiae of such agreements to determine the validity of the contract.

Get The Answers You Need When You Need Them

At Salvado Law, we understand the challenges of family law not only as a legal abstract matter but also as a personal struggle for you. One thing that you need is answers to the question you have, and you need them from a source you can trust. Our attorneys have the experience and understanding to provide you with actionable, thorough answers to the questions ahead of you such as:

How much will child support or alimony be?

Whether you will pay or receive child support or alimony, this is a vital question. Both Maryland and Virginia have equations governing spousal and child support. These equations look basically at the needs of the people involved, including medical and housing costs. Depending on those factors the court will set the appropriate amount of support for each couple.

However, skilled advocacy can alter the perception and weight of any one factor in a support finding.

Will I get to keep my house?

Maryland and Virginia both use an "equitable distribution" model for property division. This means that any asset division in divorce may not necessarily be exactly even. Several factors impact these decisions, including the length of the marriage and relative need. However, depending on your representation, you have every right to advocate for a full and fair share of the marital estate.

Where will my children live?

Child custody is a major aspect of the divorce process and is often the top priority in divorce proceedings. If there is any concern about the child's safety or educational prospects with one parent, joint custody is unlikely. That said, most states prefer a joint physical and legal custody agreement, meaning both parents have equal shares of responsibility for the financial and mental well-being of the children.

How long will my divorce take?

In Virginia, there is a mandatory waiting period for your divorce that is between six months and one year. Maryland has no such waiting period. However, regardless of the waiting period, divorce has no set time limit. Generally speaking a cooperative, noncontentious divorce resolves matters quickly and smoothly, but not every divorce is like that. High-conflict divorces can take a long time and be extremely costly for all parties. Hiring the right firm will help you move on quickly.

Helping Your Family Move On

At Salvado Law, our aim is to help restore balance and normalcy to your life. Often, family law cases can drag on if neither party is willing to compromise with one other.

Our Rockville and Falls Church family law attorneys understand this and will work toward a solution that meets the needs of all parties.

To request a consultation with one of our attorneys, call the Rockville, Maryland, law office at 301-933-1814 or our Falls Church, Virginia, law office 703-379-9446 at your earliest convenience.

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