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We Provide Legal Representation To Contractors

As a contractor, your livelihood depends on the regular, timely payments your clients promise you. However, not every client prioritizes your work or is willing to pay what they've promised. That's when you need the help of a skilled attorney.

The attorneys of Salvado Law are no strangers to the difficulties facing contractors. We frequently assist our clients in various legal matters in both Virginia and Maryland. We understand your situation and can appropriately represent you to pursue your goals.

Our Services For Contractors

Contractors have many difficulties in the construction world and often have to advocate for themselves. If you're facing:

  • Nonpayment for your work
  • Breach of contract with a client
  • Client lawsuit over your work

We can represent you. We will personally speak with you and educate you on the legal matters pertaining to your situation. Then, we will build a plan to help you get what you need.

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Our office is proud to offer services in both English and Spanish for the convenience of those we work with.

Proudly serving the legal needs of those in northern Virginia, Baltimore and the D.C. metro.

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