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What Is Your Fair Share Of The Marital Estate?

Whenever couples divorce, the most bitter fights always involve the division of the marital estate. Both sides believe they've done more than enough to contribute to the marriage. However, your fair share may not be dependent on facts so much as on how well your attorney presents those facts.

The attorneys of Salvado Law have a respected reputation for skilled family law representation. We are aggressive, attentive and experienced. We work with clients across Virginia and Maryland in any family law matter. Property division is complicated, but we have 25 years of combined legal experience to help move you through it.

What You Can Expect From Property Division

The property division process in Virginia and Maryland can be complex. However, in both cases, it is a negotiation. While these matters can become heated and contentious, it is best to view them as a business issue as much as possible. If you can come to a reasonable, acceptable agreement, it can make the matter easy before the court.

However, if the property division process becomes contentious, it goes to court. In court, both Virginia and Maryland review property division as equitable distribution. They will consider many facts to decide precisely how to divide the estate such as:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The income of both spouses
  • The resources for both spouses
  • Each spouse's contribution to the estate

Our attorneys are skilled at advocating for our clients in the property division process. While we know this can become contentious, and these matters are emotionally draining, we take the lead here and fight for what you deserve.

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