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How to keep informed as your immigration application progresses

 Posted on March 26,2023 in Immigration

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) usually notifies applicants about updates in their application status in two ways. First, an update is posted on an applicant's online account. Then, most of the time, confirmation of this update is sent to the applicant via the U.S. Postal Service.

It is critically important to understand how to check application updates online. All too often, time-sensitive information gets lost in the mail or is delayed by the Postal Service. As a result, applicants may find that they miss requests for information, notifications about appointments or other consequential updates to their application status until it is too late to address them.

Checking your application status online

To stay informed about the status of your case, log in to the USCIS case status portal by heading over to Once you're on the site, you'll need to enter your case receipt number, which is 13 characters long. It should appear on all of your notices from USCIS. It begins with three letters, followed by 10 numbers.

Once you notice that your case status has been updated, take time to learn about what the adjustment means. Sometimes, USCIS shifts a status simply to indicate that an application has progressed in some way that doesn't require an action. But, sometimes, a shift in status means that an applicant needs to take action promptly.

By understanding how to respond to updates in the application process efficiently and effectively, you'll better position yourself to receive a favorable outcome. As a result, if you ever have questions about what you're supposed to do next or you're running into delays and complications that are confusing, don't hesitate to seek legal guidance. Being proactive in this way can mean the difference between achieving a specific immigration goal and having your case denied or otherwise rejected by USCIS.

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