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Contractual breaches in the construction industry

 Posted on September 08,2022 in Construction Law

Successful construction projects rely on all parties carrying out their designated duties. Usually, they are all tied up formally through contracts. Contracts ensure that everyone knows where they stand in terms of payment, demands and time limits.

Generally, contracts are adhered to and construction projects turn out well. However, there are some situations when construction contracts are breached. Outlined below are some common examples.

When one party changes their mind

You entered into an agreement with another business for supplies. They agreed at the time that they could meet your demands and deliver on time. Nonetheless, a week before the delivery date, the company informed you that they will no longer be delivering the materials. This is sometimes referred to as an anticipatory breach of contract. If the deadline stated within the contract passes and you have still not received your goods, then this becomes an actual breach of contract.

Receiving the wrong product

One of the companies you dealt with has delivered a product on time. The problem is that it is not what you asked for. The materials you've received are of far lower quality than those which are mentioned in the contract. At the end of the day, you're entitled to what you paid for and this would be a material breach of contract.

Sound business practices are founded upon contracts. If a contractual breach has held up your construction project, then it's important to seek some legal guidance so you can get back on track.

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