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3 best practices for motorists during a DUI traffic stop

 Posted on June 19,2023 in Criminal Defense


It is safe to assume that nearly everyone understands the dangers of driving while drunk. Unfortunately, the efforts of lawmakers to deter drunk driving have made things more difficult for all motorists.

Nowadays, you must be ready if the police pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving. The following DUI traffic stop tips can help you maintain your best behavior whileprotecting your rights.

1. Stay respectful and polite

Once an officer stops your vehicle, it does not matter if you are sober, so making a big fuss about it will not help your case. At that point, you are already involved, and there is an official record of the encounter. However, you can pad the experience in your favor by remaining calm, courteous and respectful. Getting angry or antagonizing the police could worsen your situation.

2. Watch what you say

Did you know you are not legally required to answer every question the police ask during a traffic stop? You shouldn't lie, but you can politely inform them that you cannot answer questions without legal representation. Police officers look for probable cause of drunk driving throughout these encounters. What you say can be used against you.

3. Pay attention

Law enforcement personnel must follow strict rules when dealing with motorists but remember they are as prone to mistakes as everyone else. Watch what they do and say closely to ensure they don't violate your rights or make procedural errors during the traffic stop. If they do, your counsel can use their actions to create a defense.

The consequences for aDUI conviction in Maryland and Virginia are harsh. Even a first offense can lead to costly fines and loss of driving privileges. With legal guidance and your own due diligence, it may be possible to avoid a conviction on DUI charges.

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