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2 mistakes that can hurt your child custody case

 Posted on May 24,2023 in Family Law


Divorce, in and of itself, is often a difficult process. The process becomes more challenging when kids are involved and the parents cannot seem to agree on the child's post-divorce living arrangements.

It is not uncommon for each parent to do everything in their power to get a custody order that favors them. In the process, they might end up making costly mistakes that could significantly derail their custody case. Here are some of these mistakes:

Taking your fights online

Social media can be a great platform for interacting with family and friends and sharing your mind with the world. However, when you have any legal matter on your hands, it is important that you are mindful of your social media activity.

Taking to social media to express your dissatisfaction with your spouse can only hurt your custody case. Do not disparage, mock or threaten your spouse. In fact, you are better off avoiding social media altogether during your divorce process.

Violating an existing custody and visitation order

Sometimes, the court may issue a temporary custody and visitation order while the divorce is underway. However, do keep in mind that this is still a court order; and it is binding. Disobeying an active court order will not only complicate your custody case but also land you in trouble with the law. There is no better way to stab yourself in the back than by giving the court the impression that you have no respect for its orders.

Protecting your parenting and custody rights

If you find yourself in a position where the court has to be involved in determining your child's custody, it is important that you do everything to safeguard your child's best interests. Learning more about Virginia child custody laws can help you safeguard your parenting and custody during a child custody case.

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