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Do I Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is becoming more and more necessary as people are waiting to get married until they've settled into their careers. While most don't look at a prenuptial agreement as a romantic moment, it can make your marriage much easier down the line.

The attorneys of Salvado Law understand why clients would feel anxious about a prenuptial agreement. However, our experienced, compassionate family law attorneys can work with couples to build a solution for settling issues before marriage and take the worries off their minds.

Common Items Settled In A Prenuptial Agreement

We routinely help clients resolve many issues before getting married that can help calm anxious partners. These issues often revolve around:

  • What to do with their future children or children from a previous marriage?
  • How will the property be equitably divided?
  • What kind of spousal support could be paid?
  • How will you resolve disputes within the marriage?

Commonly, our services put the minds of business owners and other high asset individuals at ease as they enter a marriage.

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