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We Advocate For Your Parenting Time

Every parent wants to spend time with their children as much as possible. Time spent with children is a highly sought-after commodity in a divorce. As a parent, you want to know that your lawyer understands how important your children are to you.

At , we get that your kids mean a lot to you and you want to be there as a parent for them. The divorce process means that you will likely spend less time with them overall, but you can secure your rights to see your kids. Our firm has extensive experience in family law matters, and we have successfully pursued child custody matters for many of our clients.

What Matters Most In A Child Custody Proceeding

Whether it is a low conflict or a highly contentious divorce, your goals as parents should be the same for your children. You want to consider every decision in their best interests because that is the ultimate deciding factor for these matters in both Virginia and Maryland.

When we say “best interests,” we specifically mean that you should strive to consider these factors for your child:

  • Their physical safety
  • Their emotional well-being
  • Their financial well-being
  • Their education
  • Their local connections

If you take steps or make those options your focus, you have a better chance of attaining your goals.

The most likely result of your divorce will be some form of a joint custody agreement between you and your ex, where you split your living time and share in decision-making. However, we can advocate for a custody situation that works best for you.

Talk To Us About Your Custody Concerns

We are family law attorneys dedicated to building workable, lasting solutions. But we can also be aggressive and fight for results as needed. We want to hear from you to know what you need from your custody agreement.

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