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Protecting Your Right To Own A Gun Or Other Weapon

Your right to the possession and ownership of a gun has constitutional protections. Yet, Maryland and Virginia both have laws that may restrict your access to a weapon. You have every right to advocate for your rights as a gun owner.

The attorneys of Salvado Law have over 25 years of combined legal experience in pursuing our clients' rights. We advocate for you in criminal court and aggressively defend you against any charge. We can provide you with a comprehensive defense of your rights as a gun owner.

Defending Your Right To A Weapon In Virginia And Maryland

We practice in two states and because of that, we must have a complex understanding of the gun laws in each state. Both states hold restrictions on firearms ownership for certain people. In Maryland, those barred from owning a gun include:

  • People convicted of felonies
  • Alcoholics
  • Drug addicts
  • People with a significant mental health history
  • Those subject to a domestic violence order

Virginia is stricter than Maryland regarding groups expressly prohibited from owning a firearm. Although, overall, Virginia has less stringent gun control laws than Maryland in other regards. Even people not barred from owning a gun have certain restrictions that lead to severe charges, such as possession in a school zone or permitless concealed carry.

We Fight For Your Rights

If you're facing significant charges that may jeopardize your right to own a gun, our team of attorneys can help you. We can educate you on what your rights are now and craft a legal defense for those rights.

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