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Alberto Salvado - Criminal & Traffic Law AttorneyAlberto R. Salvado is licensed in Virginia and handles criminal and traffic violation defense. He was born in Queens, New York but over the years has made Maryland his home. He graduated from the University of Maryland, as well as the University Of Baltimore School Of Law. He looks out for the good of his clients and is able to do so through a number of means. He is a great representative to have for those that are dealing with a legal matter and he can be a substantial asset in both criminal law and traffic law. He has continued to make learning a priority even after graduating from law school and he seeks to keep updated on any changes that are made in the areas of the law that pertain to his clients. He is also well versed in the states law and this can benefit his client in a number of ways.For those that are faced with these situations, they are able to rely on his knowledge of the law, as well as his past experience in similar cases. He keeps his clients in the loop and educates them on the details that are related in these matters. Continual commitment is one of the things that he brings to the table and he carries a case through from beginning to end. He is able to offer compassionate representation for those dealing with divorce and can be a forceful defender for those looking at possible repercussions of a conviction. He is there to protect the rights and interests of his client, in a range of issues they may be up against. Call the office for a skilled criminal defense lawyer you deserve working on your side.


  • Virginia, 2002


  • JD, University of Baltimore, 2001

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